A Literacy of the Imagination

a deeper look at innovation through the lenses of media, technology, venture investment and hyperculture

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Solving complex problems in today's world requires the unique symbiosis of technology development, strategic foresight, storytelling prowess and systems design.

Together, as stakeholders in the integrity of businesses and markets of all types, we can:

- better understand the competitive landscape
- identify emerging market opportunities
- build new business or strategic planning units
- build new social technologies or digital properties
- help create new products and services tied to media or content distribution and its monetization
- help generate future scenarios on how these efforts will play out

- run innovation labs to rapid prototype big ideas around all of the above

Whatever the situation may be, empowerment stems from what you and your organization think and feel toward the work that you do, and the change you would like to manifest economically and culturally.

So, how can we work together?

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