A Literacy of the Imagination

a deeper look at innovation through the lenses of media, technology, venture investment and hyperculture

For years I've been fascinated by the socioeconomic notions the likes of Minsky, Chomsky, Currie, Kahneman, Taleb, Tapscott, Alperovitz and others have advanced in our educational forums and town halls.

One thing is for certain: While history irrefutably repeats itself, we have barely scratched the surface on the possibilities of merging culture and commerce more peacefully. Disciplines like marketing, for example, can become more altruistic ways to actually build markets. Media can be used through more participatory means to develop relationships with people even when they aren't interested in buying things. Banking can easily return to more earnest investments in infrastructure and human capital... If it so chooses.

Amid all the global messes we have created through our institutions and party alliances, I believe we are entering a new renaissance period. One of sweeping collective change, newly found trust, networked knowledge and actions that are empathic.

It's time to contribute vigilantly to this shift, and to be unreasonable in our pursuits. As we all know, nothing good comes without great sacrifice.

This paradigm shift is not so much a compromise or a series of false choices, but rather a means to manage the yin and yang of global forces. To become whole, in the greatest senses of self and society. To develop literacies that stretch our imaginations and take our creations to incredible new heights.
— Gunther Sonnenfeld
economic context in 21c.png