A Literacy of the Imagination

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A Literacy of the Imagination: Storytelling Approaches for the Collaborative Economy #transmedia #reinvention

This was a fun virtual talk I gave recently for the Reinvention Summit led by Michael Margolis. In it are some core concepts I will be introducing into a new book of the same name, “A Literacy of the Imagination”, as well as a sneak peek of the collective intelligence and dynamic publishing platform we are building in Canada, called UBIQUID.US. I am also working with Scott Walker on blowing out the elements around a new media model, a publishing-based construct that would allow stories to develop and flourish (somewhat) agnostically. It would be great to hear your thoughts in particular around co-creation, IP development and rights management, as our conversations with attorneys and media executives have produced an array of perspectives around these topics, and we would like to see this thinking reflected in the frameworks we are building.

[here is the source Prezi with the YouTube video embeds]