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Gunther Sonnenfeld

From a recent talk I gave in Boulder, Colorado on data, storytelling and the future of advertising...

From a recent talk I gave in Boulder, Colorado on data, storytelling and the future of advertising...



Take a look around the site and explore. You'll see that I'm big on new forms of creativity, storytelling, social change, emerging technology, making brands more relevant and giving the status quo a swift kick in the arse.  Beyond that, I'm very much invested in what people (like you) are doing to shift paradigms and create a better world.

My areas of 'expertise' span digital media, applied innovation, adaptive storytelling, data & analytics, business intelligence, digital currencies, public policy and agile development.

Here's what I'm currently up to:

 * CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Faveeo, a unique discovery engine and publishing platform based in Lausanne, Switzerland used by Cisco, SAP, Bombardier, The World Health Organization, The International Red Cross and other reputable orgs;

* Partner in Luman, a unique social innovation co-op;

* Partner in Codemonkeys, an adaptive technology development group; among our top projects is the build-out of the REVOLT platform. (site relaunching soon);

* Co-Founder and Product Engineer at Paperlet, an online writing/editing tool and publishing platform for undiscovered writers and students at the elementary through collegiate levels;

* Active advisor and strategist for SAGA, a Montreal-based transmedia company focusing on unique, immersive platform experiences; we are working on IoTheatre, a leading edge Internet of Things + interactive storytelling platform;

* Active advisor to Coin of Sale, a unique Bitcoin and cryptocurrency platform based in Singapore that provides a POS solution for merchants and a means to measure value within a network exchange.

* Advisor to CentUp (content publishing solution), eCairn (social influence intelligence) and Alert TV (audience intelligence platform for creators & broadcasters).

* Advisor to the C-PET Futures Platform, an emerging technology policy outfit based in Washington D.C.

* Producer on Algren, a feature documentary about the life and times of Nelson Algren, a Chicago beat writer who influenced many artists including Lou Reed, John Sayles, Billy Corgan, Wayne Kramer, William Friedkin and Michael Mann. This is my second documentary.

You can learn more about my active advisory model here.

I am a former partner at K5 Ventures, and have been involved in the development of over a dozen in-market platforms. Innovation and development projects over the last few years have included work for P&G, YouTube, Philips, Noble House, Hulu, Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz. Recent exits include Heardable, a brand intelligence platform that provides a FICO-like (or Klout-like) diagnosis of a company or industry's online performance, covering 15mm companies across 27 industries using over 827 variables. Before that, I served as the SVP of Cultural Innovation & Applied Technology at RAPP/DDB (Omnicom Group).

Between the work I do for startups and large organizations, I am also hard at work on a highly relevant passion project, which endeavors to change the way we consume, disseminate and share information contextually. More clinically, it is a new form of graph and entity search, best described as a hybrid of Factual, Wolfram Alpha and Quora. Someone else described it as "what comes after Google". That's a very bold statement, so I'll simply say that we think it will make a huge difference in the everyday lives of companies and customers.

Over the course of my 18-year career, I've co-developed an array of approaches and platforms that transform the way we tell stories, distribute content, measure value and build intelligence in a world that is getting flatter by the minute.

I've won some awards for my work, but more importantly, my provocations here detail some of the ways in which this paradigm shift is happening, and why it will persist.

Have fun while you're here and always remain curious!

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