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Welcome to the Age of Personalized Publishing

Welcome to The Age of Personalized Publishing. All in one, one for all.

I can create my own dynamic platform. I’m hyper-connected. I don’t have to follow anyone or join groups because my preferences constantly change. I can be wherever and whomever I want to be. I don’t have to search for great content, it finds me. And I can act with purpose.

Welcome to the Age of Personalized Publishing

My content is a direct reflection of my social identity, and vice versa. I don’t just live in the Cloud, I am the Cloud.

I can avoid ads, or, I can create them. I can create, buy, sell or place media. If I’m good enough, people will pay for my content. If I’m smart enough, I can do this as a partner to major brands. Or, I can build my own brand, and create products supported with tools provided to me by corporations. Or individuals. Or both.

The term ROI is no longer thrown around egregiously. It can mean something like ‘Reciprocity of Intent’. Or it can mean absolutely nothing at all.  

Welcome to the Age of Personalized Publishing

Blogs morph into content hubs.
Banners are now publishing units.
Microsites are now micromedia.
Search is a sole function of community.
Social utilities are a part of the mainstream.
Doing good is the same as making money.
‘Online’ and ‘offline’ are married.
People are media.
‘Experts’, ‘gurus’ and ‘evangelists’ no longer exist.
Great storytellers do, however.

Production is truly democratized.
Collaboration is editorialized.
History is recontextualized.
Artifacts are cherished.

Agencies are facilitators.
Brands are micropublishers.
Publishers are anthropologists.
Technologies build culture.
Networks provide meaning.
Studios support infrastructure.

Governments listen.
Politicians act.
Teachers transcend.

Please, tell me, is this just a dream?