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The @Biracy Project: Filmmaking as #SocialCapitalism - from @JawboneTV #Transmedia #Crowdfunding #Peoplesourcing

It seems that "power to the people" is becoming more and more of a reality, and in ways that provide actionable to solutions to some very real media problems we face. In this particular context, Biracy Founder and CEO, David Geertz, is hoping to help revive a dying independent film market. Through "crowdfunding" or community-activated financing, Biracy will use its own proprietary microfinance and distribution platform, SoKap, to develop film projects all over the globe... and with people like you and me.

It's fantastic to see this progressive and unselfish approach to media creation take shape, with the authentic and transparent intent to innovate and inspire. We can all take a cue from people like Geertz, and start to think about how we can apply these constructs across all media, including TV, IPTV, web, mobile, AR and ARG extensions.

Special thanks to Jawbone, for continuing to put out amazing content.