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Ctrl Alt Delete: A Conversation with Mitch Joel

Longtime friend and colleague Mitch Joel wrote a terrific new book on the future of business and how our lives are changing, interdependently, because of it. 


Mitch expands on ideas from a host of influential people (like Don Tapscott) who are looking at life and business as adaptive systems; as a writer, speaker and practitioner, Mitch deftly traverses a complex landscape, distilling, as he always does, these emerging ideas and applications into digestible bits. It's a great read, and highly relevant to right now.

Mitch and I covered off on a few concepts covered in the book that we both see manifesting in our own lives and work, and shared them in this podcast.

- How creative skill-sets are merging with more "traditional" disciplines like IT...

- What it means to be "squiggly" (multi-faceted and agile) and why it is so important in building a career nowadays... 

- Augmentation versus automation in a technologically accelerated society.