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The Future of Advertising Isn't Advertising (As We Know It)

My good pal and The Big Pivot co-author, Sasha Grujicic, and I ran a series of discussions at the Banff World Media Festival earlier this month (June 9-11) that pulled together stakeholders on the brand, media, creative and technology sides of the business.

To kick off the day, we gave a brief preamble to the overarching theme: The future of advertising. The discussions went really well, so we decided to take some of the insights and blow this theme out for y’all in the websphere so that we could keep the thought generation flowing.

The following is a Slideshare presentation with embedded audio; it’s more of conversation format than narration (a wee bit on the rambling side, but oh well). You’ll see that we placed a lot of emphasis on the notion of what an agency service model(s) looks like in a business landscape that is flattening and whose resources are becoming more distributed.

We hope you get a lot of value out of it, and secretly, we hope you bother us about it. Cheers.

P.S. Our work with nextMedia (Banff event organizer) went so well that we are developing a new format to get the stakeholders mentioned above and investors to advance these discussions and rapidly prototype new business ideas. Stay tuned.