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"Robert Mitchum cool, Harpo Marx funny" #Algren - early trailer cut #transmedia #storytelling

This is an early cut we put together to help sort out the narrative tone a bit. Joe Memo’s VO from a live poetry reading he gave is pretty cool.

We’re in the process of conducting more interviews with Russell Banks, David Mamet, Michael Mann, Lou Reed and Johnny Depp (still pending) and a host of others, but we’re already feeling a groundswell of additional interest, which is really nice.

While we are still figuring out specific narrative extensions, in the near term, we are planning to have Art Shay photo exhibits in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The idea is to have local artist communities enlist and participate, further extending and propagating these narratives into unique stories that can take on lives of their own, and across a variety of interesting media.

The TV and webisodic pieces are also being worked out. We have secured the lifetime rights from the Algren estate, so we’re good to go there, but we still have to lay out and protect the co-created pieces with various artists, especially those who are more prolific.

From there, we’ll likely develop a co-licensing model for the artifacts and assets that are created by those artists and networks, and of course, give a majority of the proceeds back to the estate, which can then monitor and moderate donations to educational, environmental and social reform groups.

For a little more background on the project, click here.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!