A Literacy of the Imagination

a deeper look at innovation through the lenses of media, technology, venture investment and hyperculture

@OneYoungWorld - Putting the "Social" Back Into #SocialResponsibility #ParticipatoryCulture #GlobalChange #Sustainability

It's absolutely fantastic to see platforms that advance culture in truly profound and transformational ways. It's also nice to see media leaders active in this endeavor. All too often, we take for granted the power that we have as marketers and the influence we have on popular, and even underground, culture. Looking underneath the heaviest stones and in between the tightest cracks in order to create real possibility is what social, and socializing media, should be all about. Brands can certainly be an integral part of this mindshift, but the stories themselves are the fiber of why we live, why our work becomes art, and how we develop a sense of purpose in being a part of something bigger than ourselves.