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Electronic Board Games – The Interaction of Atoms and Bits #AR #TabletCulture

Nevermind all the hype over the iPad (which is, like, sooo yesterday...), when we've got interactive board gaming, replete with dynamic animation pieces. This particular demo uses the game "Settlers of Catan" as a means to show how hexagonal interactions can produce exciting and often unpredictable results. Hey, you can even go so far as to say that chess playing is an ongoing metaphor for life, so imagine throwing knights, rooks and pawns into the mix... And realizing that they've decided to make a move on you.

Anyway, this could be one of the may interesting extensions for our emerging tablet culture, one in which touchscreen technology, augmented reality components and geotilities (particularly through mobile) could converge in a very meaningful way. This also makes the development of high-impact educational platforms seem boundless.

People, we've got some thinking to do...