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Contextual Analytics & The Physicality of Data -> #journalism #content #communities #transmedia #innovation

Here's a video excerpt of another talk I gave recently at Miami Ad School on immersive media, and more specifically, data methodologies for understanding or contextualizing consumer behavior and the various ways we can engage communities of people who are connected through content.

A couple of notes:

- Since the time of this talk (May), we've already added new social metrics on Heardable, and are about to release several new modules, including a semantic engine that measures digital influence (not just social media influence), as well as an SEO analyzer that allows users to track and optimize popular keywords. We are also developing a system that gives users the ability to quickly generate reports comprised of rich, competitive insights.

- MomentFeed just received a $1.2M seed round of funding (congrats again to Rob Reed and his team); the next platform release will be quite robust and significantly different from what is shown in the video. This will include purview into social commerce deals as well as insight into critical behavioral data.

There are a few other things to think about as we examine how contextual analytics can change the face of media and its immersive capabilities:

- The profound impact of content communities on citizen journalism or transmedia journalism as well as myriad disciplines tied to film, television and online media.

- The ability to identify, measure and cultivate fan communities -- effectively enabling us to tell and distribute stories intelligently across media.

- The ability to source stories from previously unknown subject matter experts, and to dimensionalize their influence.

- To make influence a metric that represents degrees of connection, intent and action, not just the density and frequency of one's digital imprint.

It's an exciting time to be in the social technology and transmedia spaces... And to have collaborative platforms that empower the exchange of ideas.