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Art Shay Exhibits: part of the #Algren Project | #transmedia #storytelling #photography

Art Shay Exhibits: part of the #Algren Project | #transmedia #storytelling #photography

[Brando and dog – On the Waterfront days – © Art Shay]

Art Shay Exhibits: part of the #Algren Project | #transmedia #storytelling #photography

[JFK and clown - © Art Shay]

Art Shay Exhibits: part of the #Algren Project | #transmedia #storytelling #photography
[The inimitable Ali - © Art Shay]

An interesting update to the Algren project: we are planning to run some photo exhibits of legendary photographer Art Shay’s work in Los Angeles, Chicago and possibly New York. The idea here is to generate narrative extensions of Algren’s life that would merge with those of other artists and public figures who he influenced (and by whom he was influenced).

We also plan to use multiple media (audio visual and printed forms) that can allow these stories to propagate and scale in and of their own accord.

Shay was a dear friend of Algren’s and shared a tremendous passion for America’s dispossessed, often using celebrity as a lens for exposing the dualities of the tortured mind, and revealing a conflicted conscience of sorts that many of these privileged empaths had for the less fortunate. Many of Shay’s subjects, of course, were quite active in myriad social causes - things we’d also like to explore as these narratives take shape and culminate in artifacts from different stages of modern American life.

Shay’s work also represents some of the most significant and illustrative depictions of our evolutions in corporate culture, particularly as we headed into an era of post-industrialism.  Shay’s remarkable flair for capturing the spaces in between, and his ability to show the multiple faces of a rebellious yet colonized psyche is uncanny.

We hope to showcase his work in at least one city before year’s end. Next month, we also plan to begin our interviews with Russell Banks, David Mamet and possibly Joan Baez.

Stay tuned...