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An Employee's Plea to #BankofAmerica: Treat Me Like a Person, Not a Profit

Wow. This is quite a find from Citizentube (well, sort of -- the video has already accumulated over 250K views). You would think that after the whole Domino's Pizza fiasco (and a slew of other disasters...) that corporate America would've come to the realization that we live in a world of transparency, whether we like it or not. You would also think that someone in upper management at BofA would get the fact that reputation management needs to be proactive. Guess not.

[Quick aside: I wrote a piece on proactive reputation management several months ago]

I'd hate to think about the fallout from this. And I can tell you right now that a formal apology from a President or CEO isn't gonna cut it. What's really sad is that this young woman actually took the time to tell her former employer precisely what the flaws were in the system, what her needs were, what the customer needs were... and they just turned a blind eye to it all. Even worse, the wildfire that rages from this will be tough to contain.

A message to us all: integrity, as well as profitability, can't be built on a foundation of matchsticks.