A Literacy of the Imagination

a deeper look at innovation through the lenses of media, technology, venture investment and hyperculture

A talk about innovation & entrepreneurship in the creative industry. #MAS #media #advertising #creativity #business #innovation

This was a speak I gave last week at the Miami Ad School (or as some call it, the Miami Idea School) to a group of about 130 graduate students on the topic of creativity, specifically through the lens of DIY culture, and the economics associated with it. Many of the students have had legitimate concerns about what their vocations will mean in a highly unpredictable economic and creative environment, so I tried to address these concerns with some ideas (and examples) of how they can proactively forge more fulfilling paths.

The most important skill to develop? The ability to think critically.

After I spoke, we had a really good Q&A session; interestingly enough, when asked what they wanted to do after finishing the MAS program, about half of the students said they wanted to start their own businesses. I suppose some of this sentiment has to do with disenfranchisement from the corporate manifold (most of the students have had several years work experience under their belts already), but I also think that a lot of it has to do with a younger generation of folks who are truly interested in creating social change, inside and outside of corporations.

Anyway, enjoy the talk, and please feel free to lend some perspectives on your own DIY experiences.