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A nice video demo of the new UX we've updated for @ecairn - #SocialListening #BrandMonitoring



Finally, we've been able to push out these enhancements. One thing to note: there are a whole host of great social listening and monitoring platforms out there -- Visible, Sysomos, Radian6, Scout Labs, et al -- and so it is important to look at eCairn as a complement to these tools and services. The primary distinction is that we are an RSS versus search-based technology, meaning that we look at sources first before do we content, and this allows our phrase mining engine to filter and extract conversations that are more topically relevant. So, if you can combine our platform with any of the others (through an API, of course), you get the best of both worlds, since you can aggregate broader search indices with relevant sources, and then your brand and topical volumes are aligned. The goal, ultimately, is to give brands a greater purview into share of voice and share of mind.